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Commercial Kitchen Design Blog Site is a site with ideas, news, information and other pieces of information that can be helpful to consider in your next project, based on real life examples, written by Michael Jones , owner of Best Food Equipment & Consulting, Queensland Australia.

Over 20 years of industry experience working in kitchens as a chef and catering manager, designing commercial kitchens, selling commercial kitchen equipment and generally providing support and assistance to all those out there in the industry trying to make a go of it.

I’ve trained and worked with some classic old school European hard core chefs ,  was part of team that won a chain de rotisseurs award in Queensland, so I have done the stuffy fine dining thing! Catered all over Melbourne for some pretty exclusive and also not so exclusive customers, worked in big brigades at Melbourne Art Centre, Novotell and many small A la Carte Restaurants. Cooked in the tropics, marooned on an island for a few years before being air dropped all over remote Western Australia cooking and catering for a few more years  for those a long way from home!

Since then I have sold more tonnes of stainless steel cooking and refrigeration equipment that I care to remember! You name it from basic ovens and fryers to automatic tomato slicers, food displays, food warming, Australian, American, European and Asian manufactured equipment. Custom built carvery stations, wood fired grills, imported kamado cookers. I have worked on kitchen design and equipment solutions for small cafes and mobile kitchens through to mining camps catering for 3,000+ persons!

And with all that I still say I am still learning and always will be, the industry is always changing both from a consumer and culinary and commercial point and always new equipment and solutions from mega companies devoted to providing you the latest and greatest toys for your kitchen. If you meet a consultant, architect, interior designer or food service designer that claims ‘that they know everything’ and nothing is new, you should keep moving, it’s impossible to know everything and keep up!

There is no such thing as the ‘perfect kitchen’ it just doesn’t exist, space and budget restrictions will never allow it! But you can get the ‘best possible solution with the space and budget available’
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Breakfast Buffet design for large scale mining camp.
Breakfast Buffet design for large scale mining camp.