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Standardised Modular Exhaust Canopy Design

We often bemoan the lack of ‘modularisation’ of commercial kitchens in Australia.

Whilst we have improved dramatically in the past decade with a significant reduction of ‘custom’ equipment being replaced by standard manufacture equipment , exhaust canopies still seem pretty much removed from this trend. Thankfully overseas technology and trends are pushing through into our market in recent times with the increase of acceptance of ‘modular’ canopies. These systems are available in a huge ranges of lengths and can be configured for both galley and island systems.  Once the correct system has been selected it is manufactured in sections that are shipped to the installer and they are joined together once onsite through a clever set up of prefabricated fastening points. Installation or hanging points are also prefabricated for the installer, making the process very easy. All that is left to be done is the connecting duct work for the air in/out and sizing a suitable fan as per the HVAC calculations. These canopies a have slimmer profile than most custom canopies and are deeper, this means they have a ‘larger capture area’ this means they require less air velocity to ensure they work properly, so generally they are quieter also. They feature fully enclosed LED light systems that are super bright over the cooking area compared to standard fluro systems and make up air sections in the perimeter of the hood. Importantly they feature stainless steel baffle style filters which are much easier to keep clean, more fire resistant and in many overseas countries are considered to be the legal standard, not the old school honeycomb filters that we are used to. Cost wise much the same as custom, but shorter lead times, standardised, tested and developed models and for designers they have standard CAD profiles that we can incorporate quickly into our designs which speeds the design process up also. Contact us here to discuss options for your next project, or visit our design site

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