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Heat lamps, these are often the first things customers see when looking at the kitchen, they need to compliment the interior design and be functional. There are hundreds of options, and all the good ones are made in the USA, so long lead times are often required.

What to consider? Air flow, is the exhaust canopy pulling Cold AC air over the hot food? (shouldn’t be if room balanced) but can happen. Is there a Strong sea breeze blowing through the dining room into the kitchen perhaps? How long does the food generally stay under the heat before dispatch?

What is the average height of dish? What is the shelf above height to the former?

Have  you allowed air flow between the warmer and the mounting shelf?

Have you considered optimum height for the warmers to be mounted?

Do you need extra heat powerful heat? or gentle radiant heat?

Is the pass deep? Do you require deep double depth food warmers?

Are you series wiring the warmers or individual control? Will you require infinite heat controllers to modify the temperature? Are the units in the public view, do they need to match the interior design scheme?

Have you considered different finishing textures on the units? Do you require base heat also? Do you need flexible lead or flex stems for your decorative lights? Will you be able to gets parts and service on the food warmers selected in the future?

Has the electrician factored in the total load of all the warmers into the electrical layout and calculations? Are the food warmers efficient in their use of energy? Do you require with the food warmer, or just the heat? Do you need a portable food warming solution? Clearly, there is much to consider, contact us now so we can sort all this out for you and make it as easy as possible, contact us to for specification information, or visit our design site

new styles of decorative heat lamps
new styles of decorative heat lamps
Silver decorative heat lamps
Silver decorative heat lamps