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How to make a great Surf Club even better!

Making great even greater! Coolum Surf Club, Sunshine Coast Queensland.
This is an example of how correct equipment specification, and great design with operator input can increase revenue, customer satisfaction, and create a unique experience, whilst reducing operating costs to an already successful operation.

Firstly you start by adding a ‘ REAL’ point of difference, for a venue that already had great success with its standard grill offerings how do you improve? You add FLAVOUR, AROMA and a SPECTACULAR show by designing a bespoke wood fired grill, with decorative flames, rotisserie, and refrigerated prep drawers .
Sales have increased, the menu offering has been refined which decreases labour, increases kitchen productivity and efficiency and the customers simply love the flavour of their favourite cut cooked over wood and natural wood charcoal.

Coolum Beach Surf Club 2015
Coolum Beach Surf Club Wood Grill

Running costs of the kitchen have been massively improved by changing Electric Ovens and Rack Dishwasher over to Gas powered machines.

Coolum Surf Club Front Cook Line

Having the grill on the front service line also creates an atmosphere that is spectacular and entices customers to purchase from that part of the menu, there is also chef/customer interaction and its always exciting to watch the team ‘sweating over the pit’
Whilst the wood fired grill is a winner all round, it’s not as easy done as said, there are special ventilation and gas requirements to meet code, the unit has to be designed and built to order, and in this case had to be craned in from the beach front to the second floor, lots of associated costs involved in this long term investment.
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Back Kitchen Coolum SLC
Kitchen Coolum SLC