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Rotisserie Cooking Spectacular , whats Old is new Again.

Food mirrors fashion at times, and like fashion its not uncommon to see the old become new again.

I picked it with ‘real BBQ’ back in 2007 when 99% of Australians had forgotten or didn’t know that  that cooking over wood/charcoal fire was, now everyone knows its 100 times more flavorsome, tender, juicy and engages the of all the senses, wonderful.

The current Sous Vide trend….is being treated as if it is brand new…it’s been around for decades its not new, it is however a far more popular cooking method than ever before.

Rotisserie cooking be it over Charcoal or Gas was super popular decades ago, every town in Australia had a ‘charcoal chicken shop’ which is the most basic example of it.

But then came the ‘marketers’ !! They told us that the Combi oven was a far superior cooking tool, more power efficient, faster cooking, easier to cook with, more versatile, easier to clean, more compact, programmable defined results…all 100% true facts and statements.

What they will never tell you or admit as its against their interests is that food cooked in these ovens, lacks flavour, texture, aroma and theatre. Yes the food is super moist and consistent no questions about that. However it’s a ‘little too perfect’ , its almost likes it is photo shopped with that super nice (remove all  the blemishes and wrinkles) airbrush look.. you know the one,  like that airbrushed photo that you got caught out on once on that tinder date !! haha!

The food businesses that I see doing the best currently and also charging good prices and are booked out more often than not are ones that have ‘unique’ cooking points of difference, and also are a lot more honest and respectful of the ingredients and the processes involved.

The french love these types of cookers, they also love their chickens, especially roasted, in fact they take poultry to an entire level we could only dream of in this country.  They respect and honor the food and the process, they ‘dine’ they don’t ‘eat’  and spend a lot of effort ensuring the best quality produce and ingredients. When this much effort is applied why would you bastardize the dish in a mass produced clinical food factory oven? You want to cook it slowly with love and care, letting it baste in it’s own wonderful juices…..you want to make a spectacle and big deal of the entire thing.. watching things cook is the ultimate in food porn, especially when you smell and see the juices basting… cue Nigela Lawson about now!

Respect the ingredients/produce and process….it’s so far from your local supermarket deli that’s for sure! And it’s also how you can charge 2-3 times what your local supermarket does for their factory hen churned out in the combi steamer.

If roasts are part of your menu then it’s hard to go past the  flavor and spectacle of a proper Rotisserie, massive value and a unique point of difference to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Yes, there is more work involved, Yes there is more organisational and cooking skills involved, but the end result is well worth it. One thing that hasn’t changed in cooking over the years is that ‘short cuts’ and ‘cheats’ are exactly that, if you want good food it does take time, effort and skill, sadly it doesn’t magically happen in between add breaks on master chef!

Commercial Kitchen Design Rotiserie
Commercial Kitchen Design using Rotisol rotisserie

To see more about this type of cooking watch this video, (click link) and from the master himself Mr Gordon ‘Fkn’ Ramsay!, Sorry couldn’t find Nigela on a rotisserie!

Commercial Kitchen Design Rotisserie

commercial kitchen design gordon ramsay demonstrates rotisserie cooking
Gordon Ramsay demonstrates rotisserie cooking




Fine Foods Australia 2017

Fine Foods Australia 2017, the food service and hospitality trade show was back at the new look ICC Sydney, and it was bigger, than ever before , more brands, suppliers, product, information so much so that i honestly can say I didn’t get to everything and everyone, and that’s with 2 full days on site.

The new International Convention Center Sydney

In a very rare statement , i will go out and say I saw a LOT of new product and ideas this year, in fact heaps, too much to actually cover here! There were new offerings from existing suppliers and new suppliers with new product and a lot of QUALITY product that had been well thought out.

A trend through out many of the information sessions was embracing new technology to help your business and how technology will impact the industry, from how social media marketing such as Tribe can add massive marketing power to an operation for very little to how robotics will impact. A well known ‘futures’ speaker addressed the senior leaders of the equipment industry at a presentation about such, and No2 on his list was IOT and Sensors! I was asked to present further information on the talking food stage and with an audience that included chefs, catering managers, hospitality teachers and local health inspectors the message was clear, technology is the only way you can ensure accurate data and recording keeping economical.

i-temp.com.au using technology to help food safety

Equipment trends, cooking with charcoal and wood was definitely up there. Personally i find the trend to be an old one as its taken nearly 10 years to catch on! I was promoting the benefits of this type of cooking using Grill Dome Kamado’s  , back in 2007! I’m glad chefs have finally woken up that wood, smoke, and sealed cooking = flavour!, even if the suppliers  are 10 years behind!

Fantastic Charcoal Oven/Grill combinations from Spanish manufacturer Josper (this type of cooking is very common in Spain) and these guys have been doing it since 1969.

Josper oven and grill Sydney 2017

Not only is the flavour, aroma and visual presentation better with wood/charcoal cooking its much better for the environment. The equipment requires no water/plumbing/drainage no power, no gas its fueled by naturally sustainable timber, the left over ash can be used in compost also, fantastic for the garden, and in most cases the fats that are expelled during cooking from meats are burnt off on the coals as you cook so there are no fats going down the drain. Added to this the thermal build properties of equipment designed for this purpose are always extremely thick/insulated/ often with stone hearth and heavy cast, which means amazing heat retention, in the right unit you can cook all day and night on just a couple of loads of charcoal and timber, Wood/Charcoal Cooking is much more environmentally friendly  than most of the cooking equipment we use commercially. And importantly the equipment is built to last for many many years, unlike the current industry trend where they design and build with replacement market sales in mind. 

There is a draw back to all of the above in Australia though, and that is our exhaust canopy rules and regulations, keeping it really short, currently you require a separate canopy and duct system, and that can add a lot of money onto set up costs.

A fantastic shiny red cooking suite by Mareno looked amazing, not as practical as what it actually looks but a real eye catcher.

Mareno fine foods Australia

There was a massive range of food service display equipment some really high quality also, one item that is common in the USA and not here in Australia yet is the grab and go open deck, sealed top display, I can see this really taking off, especially this unit that was really well spec’d and built.

Grab and Go Cafe display

Warewashing, always the part where everybody rushes past, i’ll admit its hard subject to get passionate about! There was heaps there and a lot of innovation. Under counter machines made in black stainless which helps with that ugly s/steel glass washer in view of the public and matched the black bar fridges. Bin Washers, a vertical 2 door up right multi level dishwasher, looks just like a 2 door drinks fridge, (i’m not placing any bets on the success of that concept, 1Hr wash time and super expensive)

Almost water less pot washing by GRANULDISK using tiny pellets that blast the soiled containers, pretty radical , but in Europe and other countries where they are really serious about the environment (unlike Australian Government )  saving water and chemicals is a big  thing, so big that the Marriot hotel group are ordering these in volume and have been awarded  a green hotelier award, in fact many hotel chains in Europe are using these  , the maths on water/chemical and power savings is astounding.

GRANULDISK commercial Kitchen Design Australia
Commercial Kitchen design inspects GRANULDISK

Auto sensing exhaust canopy systems, using a sensor it can tell when it needs to adjust fan speeds, so when nothing is cooking its very low, saving power and noise, then when things crank up it senses the odors and emissions and adjusts the fan speed to suit, no more noisy kitchens during prep time!

auto sensing exhaust systems

What else caught my attention?

Fantastic dry aged beef cabinets, beautiful deli slicers, multi purpose compact brat pan/pasta cooker/bain marie a machine i could use in just about every kitchen design! Display fridges with no center mullion and frame less glass doors allowing massive visual display, Retro look fridges, countless wood fired grills, refrigerated display drawers, excellent build quality and spec display cabinets, heaps of induction cookers, Solid Teknicks  Australian made steel pans (awesome design build and excellent for induction) , pressurized multi cooker stirrer kettles, Shepherd filter savers,  (award wining)

There was also a huge range of new imported brands of cooking and refrigeration equipment , most of which did not need close inspection as the quality (or lack there of) could be seen from a long way away! I’m always looking for new brands/suppliers and equipment , but the trend by many to try and import in a cheaply and poorly built knock off a regular brand is frustrating. Typically these suppliers target first time mums and dads operators, newbies to the business if you like that simply don’t know better and can’t see any problem with a fridge or oven that looks the same (if you don’t look too hard) being 25-30% of the cost of a reputable established brand/supplier. What results is the inexperienced operator purchasing purely on price , suffering huge losses in breakdown costs, energy costs and then having to replace all that rubbish they purchased initially with quality, its foolish false economic savings.

It’s also really bad for the environment producing poor quality, high energy equipment that  really just ends up in the tip in a short time, that’s land fill, and more resources wasted building crap again! There should be a law against anything that is manufactured clearly below certain minimum standards, we do it with cars, but not other items.

Catering equipment is an unregulated market in Australia, there is no real standards protecting  consumers with regards to quality its pretty much open slather , anyone can import what ever and see if they can make a quick buck, buyer beware.

‘If it looks to good to be true, it probably is!’

Having said all the above it is still very frustrating with some lines just how expensive some of our equipment is, with google its pretty easy to see how much the same thing costs overseas! The way the industry is set up (and controlled by a few massive multinationals)  and low sales volumes and high freight here in Australia the end user is faced with little choice but to pay. So I totally understand why people try and come up with more economically priced solutions.

As per usual at these shows a showcase lot processed mass volume foods , that I rushed past.  This years food trend,  lots of wheels of cheese, heaps of wheels of cheese , it was Pecorino /Chedder/Parmasan overload this year! Couple of stand outs food drink products below.

Espresso martini machines, best ready to go product was ONYX coffee spirits , and award wining flavour Pearls from Peninsular larder.

espresso martini
Maximum visual merchandising True Refrigeration 

There were also some great information sessions during the event, I’m always surprised more people don’t attend these, self education is not a strong part of the hospitality industry! In particular i sat in on a great ‘food waste’ session,  in Australia we are very wasteful, we don’t recycle well and much of that has to do with the fact that waste is cheap . One statistic that was researched and documented found that 60% of food waste within the industry comes from the customers plate! And the number One  reason why the food was  left behind/wasted, ‘there was too much food!’

Fine Foods Australia 2017




Standardised Modular Exhaust Canopy Design

We often bemoan the lack of ‘modularisation’ of commercial kitchens in Australia.

Whilst we have improved dramatically in the past decade with a significant reduction of ‘custom’ equipment being replaced by standard manufacture equipment , exhaust canopies still seem pretty much removed from this trend. Thankfully overseas technology and trends are pushing through into our market in recent times with the increase of acceptance of ‘modular’ canopies. These systems are available in a huge ranges of lengths and can be configured for both galley and island systems.  Once the correct system has been selected it is manufactured in sections that are shipped to the installer and they are joined together once onsite through a clever set up of prefabricated fastening points. Installation or hanging points are also prefabricated for the installer, making the process very easy. All that is left to be done is the connecting duct work for the air in/out and sizing a suitable fan as per the HVAC calculations. These canopies a have slimmer profile than most custom canopies and are deeper, this means they have a ‘larger capture area’ this means they require less air velocity to ensure they work properly, so generally they are quieter also. They feature fully enclosed LED light systems that are super bright over the cooking area compared to standard fluro systems and make up air sections in the perimeter of the hood. Importantly they feature stainless steel baffle style filters which are much easier to keep clean, more fire resistant and in many overseas countries are considered to be the legal standard, not the old school honeycomb filters that we are used to. Cost wise much the same as custom, but shorter lead times, standardised, tested and developed models and for designers they have standard CAD profiles that we can incorporate quickly into our designs which speeds the design process up also. Contact us here to discuss options for your next project, or visit our design site www.commercialkitchendesign.com.au

britania hoods