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When its so Hip and Gen ‘Y’ that its well, hmmm…..

A lighter read, I’m lucky enough to get around to quiet a few different places, both professionally and as a customer, unfortunately the lines blur at times!

There is always something that I learn or pick up, trends or even thoughts, these notes are not designed to bash or shame a place , occasionally i ‘may’ promote a place if its really special.

This is a TRUE story.

On the Coast recently we picked out a great looking cafe  for some lunch, place was super cosy, cute and looked really great, in fact I really liked what they did with some simple interior design tricks to an otherwise bland spot. Menu was Ok, typical cafe , all as expected no surprises, service super friendly and nice, place wasn’t too busy.

All good , till we ordered drinks,, Coffee, Tea and a kids Chocky Milk.

“coffee machine is playing up will be a bit of delay” …no probs..no rush that fine…these things happen.

“oh and the hot water thingymajig on the coffee machine isn’t working either , so we cant do a pot of tea”!!!!

Well I cracked up laughing in my head, bit my tongue, then watched as she waited for response… which was delayed due to bewilderment …”yes we cant boil water as the coffee machine is broken so we cant do tea, what else would you like?”

My partner and I looked at each other ….with that look of mind reading and smiled at the dear Gen Y hipster who was really trying , just that clearly her brain was stuck…..an alternative was ordered.

WHAT!!! Its a fG%^$!! Cafe , you have a stove, you have pots, you have a microwave, major shops nearby, go buy a kettle….you run a cafe but can’t boil water!!

We were in hysterics of laughter , but felt sad for the poor GenY espresso mistress, she probably has never heard the sound of a kettle  whistle , let alone a billy boil…as for the rest …45min wait, average(actually below) and no idea that a 4 year old does not require 600mm size portion of chocolate milk!!

I guess the moral of the story is invest in getting the basics right before the expensive fancy fit out….its all about repeat business in cafes, food & drink is the game, not fancy decor, if you cant boil water your’e in trouble!

can’t boil water