Welcome to Commercial Kitchen Design

Here we will provide you with various tips regarding kitchen design fit ro be a commercial kitechen. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen in the near future and in desperate need for new ideas to implement, here’s our advice: don’t rush yourself! We understand that choosing a theme or design for your kitchen could be a very distressing matter, however don’t let yourself out of control and choose the first idea you find interesting. Spontaneous new idea might be exciting at first, but if you’re not thinking about it well enough it could make you bored in short time as another exciting idea come over. Therefore give yourself sometime to think about it carefully.

Kitchen Design Tips

  1. Bright colored kitchen is hot nowadays, so you might want to choose bright color such reds, blues, reds, yellows or greens instead of the more neutral color scheme.
  2. The “Simple and Tidy” concept is also hot for the kitchen design with most of the kitchen appliances and cabinet are integrated to the kitchen wall. Also avoid placing messy-looking accessories such as refrigerator magnets as well as countertops full of utensils.
  3. You can add vintage feel by adding vintage style appliances that work as efficient as the modern one
  4. With more TV show showing the chef and its modern kitchen, it now becomes a trend. If you have the budget it’s possible to design your kitchen just like that.
  5. Choose sleek design for your kitchen flooring such as porcelain, ceramic or natural stone.
  6. You can use glass backsplashes or porcelain for the countertops; choose the classic design that will never come out the age.
  7. Integrate the appliance with the drawer and the cabinet, this way you’re not only having a cleaner and sleeker kitchen look but also more free space

Keep It Elegant

As we mention earlier, don’t get rushed by the trend as it usually just a temporary excitement. Think thoroughly about it and choose the most elegant design because it’s the type of kitchen design that last the longest.